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Score a Touchdown With These 11 Gifts for Fantasy Football Lovers

Dec 1
8 minutes

Buying gifts for friends and family is a difficult venture. You want to purchase something they’ll use — and maybe even love. For fantasy football lovers, the objective is no different. You need to get inside the head of a fantasy football fan to unlock a plethora of gift possibilities. Whether you want to buy a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or a gift just because, here are some gifts for fantasy football lovers that will have you scoring a touchdown.

11 Awesome Gifts for Fantasy Football Lovers

Fantasy football fans watching the game as confetti pours down

Fantasy football league (FFL) fanatics are an interesting bunch. They may have a favorite team, but once the season starts, favorite players may trump the loyalty to their squad. If you’re not into fantasy football, the problem is exacerbated tenfold. So if you want something that they’re sure to remember, use, and cherish for every fantasy football season, here are some solid gift ideas.

1. Cameo from a Famous NFL Player or Analyst

Price: $50+

Cameo has become one of the most unique gift ideas of the past few years. With Cameo, you can select an NFL athlete, coach, or analyst, give them a short idea or script of what to say, and the athlete provides a personalized message to your gift recipient.

It’s the perfect gift for fantasy football lovers with an affinity for a certain player or coach. Plus, you create the script, giving you full control over whether it’s a funny gift or something more serious.

2. Personalized Football Gifts

Price: $15+

Personalized football gifts have become all the rage in the fantasy sports world, whether you’re buying for a perennial cellar-dweller, a fantasy football league champion, or a fantasy football commish.

You only need your recipient’s name, favorite team, fantasy team name, or the fantasy team’s logo. Once you have this, you can print it on a hoodie, t-shirt, coffee mug, fantasy football trophy, or championship ring. Companies like Etsy and Trophy Depot are perfect for these personalized gift options.

3. Gift Cards

Price: Your choice

If you’re truly out of ideas or no other gift speaks to you, a gift card is always a solid option for the obsessive fantasy football player. A gift card gives them the power to purchase whatever they want, whether it’s various NFL gear or a t-shirt of their favorite team.

Gift cards to companies such as Amazon or Etsy should give them some interesting options, but you could also buy a gift card for sporting goods stores or memorabilia stores. A final option is to purchase a gift card for a bar or restaurant — perfect for holding next year’s fantasy football draft party.

If you’re a business owner who has numerous gifts to give, you can also check out Hoppier to buy numerous gift cards at once. Who said you can’t be the “cool boss?”

4. “The League” Box Set

Price: $129 for DVD Complete Box Set

Although its finale was almost a decade ago, “The League” holds a place in the hearts of many fantasy football players or even those who like sitcoms. Over seven seasons, this show gave some insight into the most obsessive fantasy football players and an even better group of friends. Partly improvised and always hilarious, “The League” has a rightful place on the shelf in any man cave.

5. Trash-Talking Gifts

Price: $20+

Fantasy football leagues predicate themselves on an excessive amount of trash-talking. Whether someone finishes in last place or touts their victories to an exponential degree, any trash-talking gift is welcome in the world of fantasy football.

If you want a trash-talking gift for the fantasy football lover in your life, consider some of these:

  • Funny fantasy football shirts, such as one that simply reads “I Suck at Fantasy Football”
  • “The Art of Fantasy Football Trash Talk” paperback book by C.C. Beeson
  • Fantasy football loser trophy
  • A jersey, hoodie, or hat of their least-favorite NFL team or the player that destroyed their dreams for a fantasy football championship

Humiliation is often the name of the game in fantasy football; the best gifts for fantasy football lovers are often ones that do just that.

6. Draft Supplies

Price: $10+

Draft strategies and preparation can make or break a fantasy football team’s season. As such, draft supplies — such as draft kits and draft boards — are always a welcome accouterment to any fantasy football league fan’s preseason prep.

With kits, you can help the player navigate their first time in a superflex league, find sleeper picks, and help them build a high-quality cheat sheet. Draft boards are also ideal for a great draft day surprise, adding an element of intrigue to the party while allowing everyone to see who’s on and off the board.

7. Tickets to an NFL Game

A football with leaves and game tickets in front of it

Price: $40+

If you have a larger budget, perhaps the greatest gift for fantasy football lovers is a ticket to an actual NFL game. Depending on what team you want to see and their opponent, you may not have to plunk down more than about $40 for tickets.

The good news is that going to a football game can be as expensive or as affordable as you want. Even if you can’t get tickets to the big game, going to a tailgate outside the stadium and celebrating with fellow sports fans is equally as fun and exciting.

Although it’s not fantasy-related, you can always go to a college football game if a university is closer to your home. Game day provides tailgating, marching bands, and all the pageantry of college football. Plus, with college football on Saturday, you allow your fantasy football fan to watch their games on Sunday without missing any of the action.

8. Beer of the Month Club

Price: $40+

Nothing pairs quite like football and beer. And though many football fans have their preferred brand, others buy into the idea that variety is the spice of life.

If your fantasy football fan loves microbrewed, nanobrewed, limited edition, or exotic beers, a beer of the month club subscription provides them with tastes and flavors from across the globe. Most 12-pack-a-month options start at about $40, depending on where you look.

Try or to see what they offer.

9. NFL Gear

Price: $20+

Maybe Travis Kelce propelled your fantasy football fan’s season to the fantasy Super Bowl. Or a sleeper scored an absurd amount of points and rightfully became their favorite player. Whatever the reason behind it, chances are your gift recipient has a favorite team or player.

So drape them in team colors or the jersey of their favorite player. They don’t have to worry about what to wear on Sunday — or maybe even a job interview — thanks to your perfect fantasy football gift.

10. Perpetual Fantasy Football Trophy

Price: $60+

If the fantasy football player in your life has been with the same league for years but doesn’t have an official fantasy football trophy or fantasy awards to give out, they’re missing out.

Perpetual trophies that go from champ to champ each year are always a welcome gift for fantasy football lovers. But so are small trophies or awards given to players for shrewd moves on the waiver wire, victory, or general incompetence.

11. Madden Video Game

White Xbox controller

Price: $70

Often, a love of fantasy football and sports video games tend to overlap. Fortunately for you, sifting through video games for the fantasy football fanatic is easy — there’s only one option.

First released in 1988, the Madden series of NFL video games is still beloved by football lovers all over the planet. The quality of the game ebbs and flows, depending on who you ask, but every year brings a game rife with new features, graphics, and playability.

Before buying, you may want to acquaint yourself with the so-called Madden Curse. A startling number of players who grace the cover of Madden end up having their careers cut short due to injury or ineptitude. Prior to buying Madden, you may want to make sure that your gift recipient’s prized fantasy player isn’t on the cover. Otherwise, you might cost them a championship.

The True Gift for Fantasy Football Lovers — An Edge Over Their Opponents

Gifts are a way to build a relationship with your friends and family, whether you’re talking smack or you genuinely want to give them a thoughtful item. But sometimes, the true gift for fantasy football lovers is advice on improving their fantasy game.

With so many fantasy football websites, deciphering which ones are helpful and which ones are suspect isn’t easy. So if you want to gift your fantasy football champion a tool they’ll consistently use, tell them about Wise Guys Edge.

Using Vegas sportsbook odds, Wise Guys Edge gives you up-to-date stats and odds on every NFL player, allowing you to choose who to sit or start and comparisons for up to five players. Whether you need to add a kicker for the bye week or navigate the waiver wire, Wise Guys Edge gives you all the information you need. It’s free, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving.